ITPFacebookLikeBox is a module for Joomla! that adds a fan box on the website. This is a documentation and guide of the extension. You will find answers to some questions and how to set it to take full advantage of it.

Which URL do you have to use?

On Facebook, there are many types of pages - groups, fan pages, profile pages, ... This widget is designed to work only with fan pages. So you need to enter in the option box for "page URL" address of your fan page.

Facebook Fan Page URL

You can test the original code of the widget at this web address.

You are able to create a Facebook fan page at this address.

How to display people faces?

To show the faces of people who are fans of your page, you must set the "Show" for option "People faces".

If you display the stream and have included "People faces", but you do not see them, probably the height of the box is not enough. Change the height to 600 and try again.

Facebook fanpage options

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