There is an easy way to translate ITPrism extensions in your language. You should register yourself on Transifex.

All language files of ITPrism extensions have been published on Transifex and outsourced to OpenTranslators team.

What is Transifex?

Transifex is a platform for collaborative translation of software. Developers upload language files of their software on the platform. People from everywhere translated these files in their native language.

How does Transifex work?

What is OpenTranslators?

OpenTranslators is a team of Joomla! community members, registered as organization on Transifex. They manage language teams formed by translators like you and me.

You have to join a language team in OpenTranslators to get access to the language files of ITPrism extensions.

How to translate a project?

I guess, you have signed successfully on Transifex. Now follow next steps.

01. Open OpenTranslators public profile and select project from the list on the left side of the page.


02. You will be redirected on the dashboard of that project. You will see a list with languages. Select your language and you will be redirected on the page with resources. If you cannot find your language, you can click on the link "requested".


03.You have to become part of the team that translates projects in your language. Click on the button "Join Team".  Now, you have to wait while the coordinators approve you.

Join Team

04. When coordinators approved you, open the page of the project that you would like to translate and select one of its resources. When you click on a resource, that system will displayed a pop-up window with extra information and functionalities.


05. Click on the button "Translate" and start. You will be redirected to a page divided into two parts. On the left side where the source language is. You will see, on the right side, fields where you have to enter your translation.

Translate button

There is "auto translate" functionality. I suggest you to use it, because that will help you to do things faster and easier. To use the auto translation, you have to select a string from the list on the left side, and when it is loaded, you have to click on the button "Machine Translation".

Auto Translate

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