This is the documentation of the extension Social Community. In this article, you will also find answers of some frequently asked questions about it. The article describes the process of installation, configuration and upgrading.

Additional Information

You can find additional information on the following pages:

Download and install

I guess, you have already installed Joomla! and now you have to download Social Community package.

Go to "Extension Manager" and install the package.

Joomla! extension manager

If you are installing the extension for the first time, you will see a list of installed libraries, plugins and modules. You will also see a list of minimum requirements. If the system displays red indicators for unfulfilled requirement, it will be good to find a way to fix it.


You must install Prism Library because the extension needs it to work properly.

Technical Requirements

The minimum requirements to run the extension properly are:


You can download database dump of locales from GeoNames. I suggest you to download all cities with a population greater than 15000.

Here you are some other resources:

The resources are published on GitHub and you can help with updating and editing their data.

Import locations and countries

The first thing that you should do after successful installation is to download database with currencies and collection of locations. You will find a huge suit of GEO locations on GeoNames. I suggest you to use the file that contains all cities with a population > 15000 or capitals.

When you finish with downloads, go to the Social Community administration.

  • Open "Locations Manager" and click on the button "Import".

  • Select the file that you have downloaded and click on the button "Upload".

Now, you should do the same things for countries.

  • Open "Countries Manager" and click on the button "Import".
  • Select the database with currencies click on the button "Upload".


It is a time to configure Social Community options. Go to "Dashboard" and click on the button "Options". Review the settings and save them.

Now, I am going to describe you the most important options of the extension.


Those options are used for managing images.

Folder - that option points to the folder where pictures will be stored.

The other options are used for defining image size. There are several sizes because the system will generate thumbnails when user upload a project picture.

Menu Items

The next step is to create menu items.

1 .Select a menu and click on the button "New"

2. Select a "Menu Item Type"

3. Enter "Menu Title", alias and set some of the advanced options if you want.

4. Click on the button "Save"


Plug-ins add additional features on the website. SocialCommunity comes with several plugins and you can find them on the "Plug-in Manager". Enable those that you would like to use.

What template should I use?

You should use a template based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.x. You can try templates of JoomlArt or YouJoomla.

Here you are a list companies that provide Bootstrap 3 templates for Joomla.

How to translate Social Community?

You can translate this extension in your language using Transifex. Go to the system and sign in. Find Social Community translation project and start translating. If you need more information, read the article "How to translate ITPrism extensions in your language?"

You can also use ITP Transifex to create language packages.

How to debug the extension and catch an error?

If there is a problem with the extension and the system does not display error messages, you should debug it. That will give you more information about the problem.

  1. Go to "System" -> "Global Configuration" -> "System" -> "Debug Settings".
  2. Set to "Yes" the option "Debug System".
  3. Now go to tab "Server" and set option "Error Reporting" to maximum.

Now, the system should display information about the error.

You can also check log files in folder "/logs" or the log file "error_log" in your main folder.

How to upgrade the extension?

The better way to upgrade the extensions is:

  1. Make a backup of your site ( database and files ) ( optional but highly recommended );
  2. Install the new version over the old one ( all previous data will be saved );
  3. Check the extension settings and menu items for changes;
  4. Check for a new version of Prism Library. If there is a new version, install it.
  5. You should also upgrade all other modules and plugins, which work with Social Community.

It is a good practice to have a copy of your website on a subdomain. It can be something like You should upgrade Social Community on this test site first. That will be useful for you because you will be able to explore the newest features and configuration options. When all is OK, you will know how to upgrade the extension on your production website fast.

How to get support?

You can post issues on Social Community GitHub repository. If you have any questions, you can send me a mail from the contact form. If you need premium support you are able to subscribe for my premium services on ITPrism members site.

How to get FREE support?

You can report issues on Social Community GitHub repository.

If you have any questions, you can send them to me, using the contact form. Please, send me a message with only one question. When I answer you, you will be able to send me your next one.

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