Facebook Tips and Tricks

Today, I start a series of articles about Facebook applications developing. In each one, I will publish useful information and tricks for developing quality apps.

This is the first publication from the series, and I am going to describe how to create your first social app. You will learn the steps, which you have to pass in order to register and configure a Facebook application.

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Social Media Ranking Instrument

Social networks have become part of lives of millions people. Today, Internet users spend more time on sites like Facebook and Twitter. They share web pages they like with their friends. Talk about products and services that excite them.

This gives clear signals to search engines that the content has value and is liked by many people. Now social media is a factor in determining the position of which will rank your site in search engines.

This article lists several useful techniques that will increase the pagerank of your site.

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Open Graph Protocol

The Open Graph Protocol makes each page social object. This becomes by describing things on the Internet. You can set the type, title, description, address, contact information, even a specific location.

At present, in cyberspace has many semantic web technologies - microdata, microformats, RDFa, ... However, none of them provides a complete data description on the Internet.

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